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Humility develops

Spirit explains I Ching 15 – Humility, which follows Great Possessions in the order of the Hexagrams. Earth over Mountain – or is it Mountain pushing up through Earth?

Humility, in it’s most sincere form, blended with awe and gratitude, can develop out of great possessions, when she who possesses abundance becomes aware that anything and everything we may or may not possess at any given time is doomed, or destined (depending upon one’s perspective), and is only ours while it is ours. What is becomes what was, sooner or later.

The good news is that pleasures and possessions can be enjoyed without clinging to them.

What does that mean for me?

Do you now have great possessions?
My lifestyle is a simple one.

Great possessions do not necessarily refer to material wealth.

Then, I am blessed with at least one great possession, Your teaching.


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