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Tranquility is a Vulnerable State of Mind

Today’ I Ching is 11 – Tranquility.

Earth over Heaven

Tranquility follows Treading in the order of the hexagrams, and,

Spirit tells me, there is order in our lives, individual and



Spirit explains: Trading expresses walking our individual path

Through life, our way; our chosen way. No other can do it for us.

No other can live our life but us.


Where does Tranquility come in?


Tranquility is a state of mind.


How can we move forward, or even backward, in a state of

Tranquility? We would surely be vulnerable to control by

Someone or something less tranquil.






Spirit’s I Ching 10 – Treading

Heaven over Lake

Treading follows Small Development


Spirit explains:


Treading water is a temporary but valuable survival strategy for those who lack

Necessary swimming skills to reach the safety of shore in an emergency.

Hopefully, safety will come to them, from someone who accepted personal

Responsibility for self-care by developing water safety skills.


Small Development suggests a beginning, a first step up a staircase or

Ladder of skills-development, such as treading water is.


Is the message a warning?


About what?


About the danger of not going beyond the beginning.


The beginning of what?




No. The message is that beginnings were not designed to also be

Endings. But, the choice is yours.






What has begun in my life?


What has ended in your life?


Nothing that I know of.




I Ching 11 – Tranquility

Today’s I Ching is Tranquility, an atmosphere of peace and



Tranquility follows Treading, which is movement. Now it is

Time for rest, but not a prolonged time of inactivity.


The I Ching teaches us that Life expands and moves.


Is there a personal message?




What is it?


There is no need to hurry. We will arrive where we intend to,

When we intend to.




Wait and see.


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