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Ever-Present Dangers

Spirit shares His understanding of I Ching.

Hexagram 29 – Double Pitfall – presents with
two Water trigrams stacked, one on the other.
This symbolic representation of flooding
warns us of a hidden and unexpected danger;
a trap or ambush.

As in the deck being stacked against me
in a game of cards?

Something like that.

How could I ever know in advance?

It would be too late to know if you did not
know then.

How to develop the skill to avoid walking
into a trap?

It doesn’t require a specialized skill.

What does it require?

It requires right, or appropriate, thinking
and action.

That advice sounds like the eight-fold path.

It is the eight-fold path.

Including right or appropriate livelihood?


To avoid associating with those who might
be tempted to take advantage of my simplicity?


That might require me to become less simple.


Spirit’s I Ching 13 – Social Networking

Social Networking develops out of Obstruction (12) and moves toward Great Possession (14).

Through differences of opinion and difficulties with communication we learn, sooner or later the value of open and respectful social networking.

We learn how to express our own understanding and to listen with intent to understand the positions of others.

This is a valuable skill, a great possession, for it helps to foster co-operation without rejecting either our own truth or that of others, should they differ.

It sounds very noble, and a way of peaceful co-existence. But, how does this awareness relate to me, specifically, if it does?

It is good advice for each and every one of us, both generally and specifically.

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