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We Each Need to Learn To Be Self-Directed

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

The situation that we now must cope with on our
journey through life is represented by
Hexagram 19 – Overseeing.

Overseeing follows Degeneration and moves into
Observation. This may seem to suggest
a more-or-less orderly sequence of situations
through the sixty-four hexagrams, but life
was never designed to move seamlessly, or
smoothly for long periods of time.
Seasons progress in a predetermined order
but each Spring is in some way unique, as
is each of the yearly seasons.

And so it is with our individual lives.
We may encounter a regular progression of
situations but we must be alert to their
potential for uniqueness.

Since nothing can happen without preconditions
for its happening, nature always provides us with
early warning signs of imminent danger, if we
would listen. But, we grow complacent when life
is moving smoothly, forgetting that nothing
is without limits, or potential limits.

Why does Overseeing follow Degeneration?

If we are aware that a particular situation,
such as crops approaching their ideal stage
of growth for harvesting, then we can move
to harvest them before they degenerate.

It is the same with material possessions
and public utilities, such as roads, power,
and water resources, to name a few. If
our leaders are aware of weaknesses that
require repair or replacement, and act
on that awareness, then degeneration to
the point of collapse, can be prevented.

A stitch in time?

Yes. Some situations develop as a direct or
indirect consequence of human carelessness,
or lack of sufficient foresight. It is
then that overseeing would follow
degeneration. There is not always an
absolute order of events throughout life.

Could degeneration also refer to attitudes
as well as to diminished quality of work
or structural degeneration?

Specific situations do not necessarily
develop from any single cause. Life is
too complex to allow for such a
simplistic explanation.

How could potentially destructive
situations be prevented if specific
causes could not be identified?

History teaches Wise leaders to observe
what is happening and to be aware of what
potential dangers might be prevented.

How does this situation relate to
daily living?

It’s the same.

In what way?

Preparing meals requires paying attention
to what is happening to the food you are
preparing. Overseeing does not necessarily
refer to one person observing what another
is doing. We each need to learn to become

And, that’s the lesson?


Indecision Never Wins

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

I Ching 31 – Sensing follows Fire in the sequential
order of situations and events that we each face
as we travel along our physical life journey.

As in cause and effect?


Then what?

As in order or progression. The universe
does not operate on a system of cause
and effect, even if at times it might
appear to do so.

Then, why does Sensing follow Fire?

You might also ask why Sensing leads
to Withdrawal, or why that outcome
might be advisable.

Can we go back to Sensing?

We never left it, at least not those
of us who pay close attention
to whatever situation has developed
or shows signs of doing so.

Then, Sensing is as an instinctual

Awareness is not instinctual, but does
or can develop from a natural response
to heat, among other things.

Could instinct be considered as
a prerequisite to sensing or awareness?


Then, where does instinct fit in with sensing?

Instinct follows sensing.

So, when our physical senses send a warning
to our inner awareness, then awareness
triggers an instinctual response to withdraw?


Then, fight or flight determine outcome?


Then what?

We choose whether to withdraw or not to.

Then why does withdrawal follow sensing?

It is the usual recommended course of action
in extreme situations.

Then, whatever follows or leads into
any developing situation is contingent
upon …

Contingent upon what?

I’m not sure.


What does that mean?

Indecision is also an option.

But, if instinct only offers two?

Then indecision would be over-ruled
by the most dominant instinct.

Or the less controlled one?


The Value of Signs of Agina

Spirit explains I Ching 22 – Adornment.
Mountain over Fire.
Adornment follows Biting Through.

An adornment is a decoration. It adds value without necessarily
serving a practical purpose of its own. It can be as icing on a
cake, or gravy on steak, or as precious stones worn around one’s
neck, arms, fingers, or pinned to hair or clothes. It might also
be something that can be set on a table, to be admired.

Biting Through suggests successfully completing mission of
importance, to oneself, if to no other. Something needed to be
done, and now can be celebrated and remembered with an
adornment as a reward.

That sounds very nice but what personal message of inspiration
can it have for me?

Do you possess something that seems to remind you of something

Such as?

Perhaps the many small lines on your face.

They only remind me that I am getting older.

Have you earned them?

I think so.


Trusting Winter’s signs of leaving – a fool’s game

Today’s I Ching – 32 – Constancy.

Thunder over Wind – loud sound and moving air.

Constancy follows Sensing in the Hexagrams.


Spirit explains:  Sensing is a form of intuition that isn’t clearly seen but, nevertheless,

Cannot be denied.


Signs of Spring in March. We seem to know that cold weather

Has not left us. Winter isn’t over, yet, even though mild weather

And Spring flowers delight us.


Where is constancy?


Winter is constant. It may offer signs of leaving, but these signs

May be no more than tests of our willingness to accept as true

What an inner knowing tells us is not.


Is there a personal message for me?


Yes, and for everyone else.




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