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Resistance is Necessary to Life

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

Today’s situation on our journey through human
existence is designed to develop the attributes
of Hexagram 2 – The Receptive.

Earth is both above and below, and represents
Mother Nature, or for those who see Nature
as disconnected from themselves, the environment.

Nature is both flexible and firm. Though it
generally accepts directions from Universal Laws,
and both adapts and contributes to the needs
of other life forms, it also maintains its own
personal essence, and lives to express its own
purpose and desires, resisting any form of abuse.

It sounds like me.

It is you, and everyone else, both individually
and collectively.

But, Nature is surely much more than people.

As in kind, or power?



We each are part of Nature and yet Nature is
much more than all of us together.


What is the message?

What could Nature teach you about yourself?

To be flexible, yet firm, and to seek to express ..

Not to seek to express.

Then, to express my own purpose and desires,
and to resist abuse in any form.


That’s fine and noble, except …

Except what?

It can be so wearying.

And easier to give in to abuse?


What effect does that have on the abuser?

It seems to encourage more abuse.


Then …

Yes. A certain low level but constant
resistance is necessarily a part of
the Game of Life.

Get used to it?



I Ching Wisdom – Life moves in cycles.

Spirit teaches I Ching wisdom.
Today’s I Ching is 49, Revolution.
Revolution (49), follows The Well (48), and leads to
The Cauldron (50).

Spirit explains: Revolutions seek to change the structure of
Society through violence; to destroy what is with intent to build something better.

Perhaps peaceful protests and elections didn’t seem to work?
A dry well could express futility.

A cauldron is a heavy pot that is hung over fire to heat food
Or water. But, the fire must be attended to with care or the
Contents of the pot become unfit to eat.

And revolutions risk the same fate?


If this reading contains a personal message for me and my
Struggles, then what alternative is available?

Resistance without rejection.

That could be unending.


And, if that is unacceptable?

To whom?

To me, and perhaps many others.

Develop an alternative way and live it.

Are we going in circles?

No. Life moves in cycles.

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