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To whom does the message apply?

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

27 – Nourishment follows Accumulation.

Even squirrels seem to know they must store something now for later.

We build for today but also for tomorrow, if we seek to provide for
our future, even knowing that we may not live to enjoy it.

Saving something for tomorrow is generally accepted wisdom, but
there are those who have little or nothing to save and
barely enough to survive today. What about them?

Did they draw the card?

No, I did.

Then, to whom does the message apply.

To me.

And what is the message that applies to you?

To be more thrifty than I now am?


Note: A curiously appropriate message for me, today, for
today I receive my monthly allowance and I confess that
I am not the most frugal woman in town.

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