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When intevention is unavoidable

I Ching 30 – Clinging


Spirit explains: Clinging is composed of Fire over Fire and follows

Double Danger. This situation has been described as being

Between a rock and a hard place.


Fire does not easily let go of whomever or whatever it is

Clinging to. The best protection is prevention.


The second best?




How is it possible to avoid a danger that threatens

Those whom you love?


Yes, it is not.


Then what?


Then we each must choose how to respond.


Some form of intervention?


Yes. It is both necessary and unavoidable.


Today’s I Ching – 13 – Association with Others

Association with Others follows Obstruction.


Spirit explains:


Obstructions, both within and without, are a necessary

Part of life experience..




Seemingly impossible difficulties encourage us to become

Aware that we need to co-operate, to associate with others

For mutually beneficial results. We each help ourselves by

Helping others to co-create a more harmonious future, together.


How can we cooperate with those who will not?


Then don’t.




A river moves where it can. Rock blocks the river’s flow,

Obstructing its forward movement. The river cannot flow

Through the rock, but it must flow, if only upward and around.


The message?


If you were as a river, and we all are, then what is

Blocking your path and how do you plan to move

Around this obstruction?


The answer might be easy if Life provided only one

Obstruction at a time.


Life never promises easy.


And, no..


And what if I am…?




That can never be.




I am the force that moves the river.


And I am the river?








Spirit explains I Ching 62

Today’s I Ching – 62 – Small Excess – Thunder over Mountain.


Spirit asks me if we can walk through a mountain.


Only if someone blows a tunnel through it.


We will.


What mountain?


The mountain of our mind.


How is it like a mountain (and, yes, I know I’m walking

Into something);?


Seemingly solid, but really only dense.

A fog is not rock.


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