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Awareness reduces danger

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

41 – Reduction – Mountain over Lake.

Mountains have height while lakes have depth, and yet
we measure deep and high from our own unique perspective.
That’s curious.


One mile or kilometre up or down is still the same distance.

It can make all the difference, if you applied the same
measure to progress along the way, any way.

Our life as a way?

Yes, a chosen, more or less, way to live. And, as mountains
and lakes, the ground beneath is rarely even. It dips and
climbs in irregular intervals and to irregular degrees.

But, in a boat on top of the lake?

I think you know from personal experience how an ocean
surface can become dangerously unpredictable.

Yes, terrifyingly so.

So it is with mountains. There is always a risk of uncertainty.
Landslides, mudslides rock slides, and avalanches, to name
a few possible dangers that may present themselves with little
or no warning.

You’re going to relate all this talk to Reduction. How?

Knowing possible risks and still choosing to follow a path,
any path through life, is only foolish if you do not first
prepare for whatever you might have to face along the way.

How can I know?


How to possibly prepare for what has not yet happened?


Of what?

Awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, based on …

Study and experience?

Yes, and that awareness will reduce the potential dangers
along the way of life.

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