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Wisdom of I Ching – Ultimate Reality

Spirit explains I Ching 1 – The Creative.

Heaven over Heaven – Ultimate Reality, or, as it has been described, as above, so below.

Nothing can create itself, alone; nothing can sustains itself, alone, and nothing can destroy itself, along.

What about Life?

What about it?

Who or what creates, sustains, or destroys …

Life is self-creating.

But, you said …

Life is not a who or what.

Then, what?

Ultimate reality.


Awareness of Reality is Progress

Spirit reads I Ching 53 – Gradual Progress.

Gradual Progress develops from Mountain (52) and moves
Toward Marrying (54).

Spirit explains: Mountains can seem to be as barriers,
Challenges, or just part of the environment. They can be as
Beauty, in the eye of the beholder, and a pleasure to climb,
Or seen as an obstruction, to ignore, if possible.

How we see anything or anyone determines, or at east
Influences, to some extent, our relationship with or with them.

Awareness of this reality is progress along the way of

Where does Marrying fit into this picture?

We commit ourselves to Life, or we do not. It’s as
Simple as that.

If that is simple.


We can pretend not to see.

Today’s I Ching – 36 – Damage to Illumination.

Spirit explains the Universal Law of Change, which, He claims,
Is connected to but separate from other Universal Laws such as

We have no power to prevent change for we are part of all that
Is changing. We co-create, with all life, not what changes but
How it and we change.

Damage to Illumination expresses this Universal reality. We can
Pretend not to see or accept even what we cannot honestly deny.

Why would we pretend?

Perhaps for fear of being required to accept responsibility for
An undeniable truth.

Such as?

That we each are part of what is and we play a role in How it
Will develop. Did we Advance (35) too quickly, or too slowly,
To see how it would affect our Family (37)?

How can we ever know?




Unconditional love expresses care

A Spirit Teacher explains I Ching 9 – Small Development.

Small Development follows Closeness in the order of life experiences represented by the sixty-four hexagrams. The
exact number of personal life experiences necessarily varies
from individual to individual, but the reality that each
experience develops out of a previous one, does not.

Closeness expresses a sense of community with people, places,
or things; a feeling of attachment, connectedness, and

Small Development suggests gradual and steady progress. Each
stage or step in our development of integrity, skill,
knowledge, or awareness builds on the step or stage we have
moved forward from.

Closeness, as an awareness of oneness with others, reminds
us that we are not alone. Both seen and unseen energies
share our progress and care for us with unconditional love.

I Ching 21 – Biting Through With Intention

Biting Through follows Observing (Hexagram 20).

Spirit explains: To observe suggests an attitude
of detachment and duality when, in essence
oneness is all that exists.

Biting through expresses awareness and intention;
a determination to experience oneness, and to
release or bite through whatever seems to prevent
us from experiencing that reality.

Such as?

Entrenched belief systems.

But, we must believe something.


We need guidelines; rules of order that make
sense; that we understand.


I Ching 46 – Rising

Today’s I Ching – 47 – Rising


Earth above

Wind/Wood below

Rising follows Gathering


Spirit explains:


Rising expresses upward progress.


We’re on the way?






We’re always on the way to somewhere.


And from somewhere?


Not necessarily.


How is it possible to be going somewhere without leaving somewhere?


When we travel inward, where are we coming from?




Whose outward?


My own.


And whose inward whatever?


My own.





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