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The Receptive is never passive

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

Hexagram 2 – The Receptive

Nothing can be created without expending energy.
Receptivity to whatever expanding energy is always
a necessary step in the creation of anything.
That is the Law of the Yin and Yang Tao.

Our current culture seems to believe that
receptivity is passive. It never is.

How can yin, or receptivity, be other than

We choose what we accept or yield to,
in thought or whatever. We each yield
in varying degrees to different aspects of
ideas, actions, or emotions that the world
around us, if it could, pressure us to

We each help to shape or determine outcome.
Everyone is Yin and everyone is Yang in
different situations. In any situation
we are both contributing and receiving
information and influence.

We do not live in a vacuum of energy.
We each, in some way, share responsibility
for the world we live in by the way we
each choose to live.

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