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Faith requires letting go

Spirit’s I Ching reading for today – 44 – Meeting.

Meeting develops from Removal (43) and leads to Gathering (45).


We cannot move into tomorrow without first leaving today
Behind us. We remove ourselves from the past and look
Forward to gathering new experiences and, perhaps, meeting
New friends.

Life requires faith. We cannot reach out while we are
Holding on.

Holding on to what?


Letting go is easier said than done.

Yes, or it would not require faith.

Faith in what?

Not what, but whom.

Then, faith in whom?

Faith in yourself.


Nov. 1, 2013 – I Ching 56 – Travel

Today’s I Ching – 56 – Travel. Fire above, Mountain below.┬áTravel follows Abundance in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Abundance goes far beyond sufficiency. We have everything we need and much more. But, abundance never lasts. It is consumed, one way or another.

Travel suggests moving from one place or from one condition to another.

I Suggest to Spirit that, perhaps abundance could refer to all the distress, failures, and heartaches that I have experienced.

Abundance, Spirit replies, refers to quantity, not quality, and advises me to let it all go and move on.

Sure (me). Easier said than done.

I didn’t promise easy (Spirit).

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