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Personal Ethics Direct our Traffic

Spirit’s I Ching 5 – Waiting

Spirit explains:

Waiting requires patience and firm resolve if one is choosing to wait for a more opportune moment before acting with intent.

To set sail at high tide is to let the water move away from port with you – to go with the flow, if it is going your way.

That sounds ideal, if timing allows us the privilege to wait. And, also, there are some who seem to wait until someone or something makes decisions for them.

That can never be the case.


Personal ethics always direct our traffic.


We are always personally responsible for the consequences of whatever we choose, and letting others choose for us is still choosing.

Is there no easy way out?

There is no way out.

Spirit’s I Ching 13 – Social Networking

Social Networking develops out of Obstruction (12) and moves toward Great Possession (14).

Through differences of opinion and difficulties with communication we learn, sooner or later the value of open and respectful social networking.

We learn how to express our own understanding and to listen with intent to understand the positions of others.

This is a valuable skill, a great possession, for it helps to foster co-operation without rejecting either our own truth or that of others, should they differ.

It sounds very noble, and a way of peaceful co-existence. But, how does this awareness relate to me, specifically, if it does?

It is good advice for each and every one of us, both generally and specifically.

Community is a valuable resource if…

Spirit’s I Ching for today is 14 – Great Possession, which follows

Association in the order of the hexagrams.


Spirit explains: Community is a valuable resource if the people

We choose to associate with express values similar to our own.


There is always a danger, He cautions. When anyone possess

Something of great value, there are always some others who

Would, if they could, and they do, when opportunities seem to

Allow, to pretend friendship with those with great possessions,

With  intent to exploit that association for their own benefit, alone.


What great possessions are we talking about?






Great possessions are potential or realized resources and may

Include one, some, or all of material, intellectual, emotional, or

Spiritual energies.


If this is a personal reading…


And it is.


Then, what great possession do I have that could or would attract

False friends?





Spirit’s I Ching – 24 – Return

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom

contained within the I Ching hexagram 24 – Return.

Earth is above and Thunder is below.

How is that possible?

Thunder can refer to earth-shattering noise; heard or not.

Emotions or thoughts?


Does return suggest going back to an earlier way of life?

We can never return. The clutter we have created is from

an earlier lifestyle. Now, we must let go and move forward.

Stripping away is removing that which in unnecessary

and no longer serves us well.

.Excesses in our life usually develop gradually and are

best removed in that same manner, but with intent to

improve the quality of our life, not merely to reduce quantity.

Stripping away can be seen as intent to return to a state of

Balance that has lost sense of its goal.

The message?

It may be time to listen to our personal sense of comfort and

need. We each have physical, intellectual, emotional, and

spiritual needs that harmonize with each other, or they do not.

Harmony of our unique blend of energies is life-promoting.

disharmony is unhealthy.

Spirit’s I Ching 50 – The Cauldron

Fire over wind.

The Cauldron follows Revolution.


Spirit explains:


A cauldron is a heavy cooking pot, placed over fire, to heat and

Tenderize its contents.


A revolution is also as a heavy cooking pot, fired with ideals and intent

To change social rules and make them more satisfying to more people.


However, in both cases, there is always a danger of the fire getting

Out of control and destroying what it was intended to improve.


But, we need fire.


Yes, but we also need to keep it under control.




A wise cook knows how much heat to apply and when.


And a wise leader?





I Ching 51 – Thunder

Spirit shares his understanding of I Ching 51 – Thunder

Thunder above, Thunder below.

Thunder follows Cauldron in the order of the Hexagrams.

The order of the Hexagrams expresses the Universal Law of Causality. Nothing comes from nothing. All situations develop from a previous situation. How they develop and what they develop into is not entirely predetermined. Free will and choice, as well as Destiny contribute to the outcome. How we choose can be the result of habit, or awareness and intent to develop our own way through life situations not necessarily of our own choosing.

The message?

Thunder is never silent.

I’m allowed to complain?

It seems to be in your nature to do so.


I Ching 60 – Discipline

Today’s I Ching – 60 – Discipline

Water above, Lake below.

Discipline follows Dispersal in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Dispersal suggests a scattering, an absence of discipline, self

or otherwise, a lack of focus or organization, and

can refer to animals, people, or ideas.

To gather anything together, He stresses,

requires discipline, preferably, self-discipline,

and intent..

I do not ask Him what this says to me.

I don’t want to know.

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