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We share the choice

Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom.

Hexagram 18 – Degeneration. Mountain (Yang) is over Wind (Yin).

Spirit explains: The 2nd line is Yang and the 5th line is Yin.
The fifth line is the line of leadership, and having a complement
on the second line provides for a sharing of this position of power.

But, if degeneration is the condition that they share …

How could it be otherwise?

I would like to think that any degenerating situation is
a result of masculine abuse of power.

That would be to deny the existence of feminine energy.


How what?

How does masculine responsibility for whatever condition
or situation deny feminine energy.

Abdication of, or denial of, responsibility is, more or less,
acceptance of whatever situation or condition results from
such behaviour.

Are you trying to tell me that …

I am telling you that dynamic interaction requires
inequality; transient or otherwise, of each and all
of the individual energies in the choices we make.


We share the choice.

And the outcome?



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