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Community is a valuable resource if…

Spirit’s I Ching for today is 14 – Great Possession, which follows

Association in the order of the hexagrams.


Spirit explains: Community is a valuable resource if the people

We choose to associate with express values similar to our own.


There is always a danger, He cautions. When anyone possess

Something of great value, there are always some others who

Would, if they could, and they do, when opportunities seem to

Allow, to pretend friendship with those with great possessions,

With  intent to exploit that association for their own benefit, alone.


What great possessions are we talking about?






Great possessions are potential or realized resources and may

Include one, some, or all of material, intellectual, emotional, or

Spiritual energies.


If this is a personal reading…


And it is.


Then, what great possession do I have that could or would attract

False friends?





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