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As it is with water, we find our own level.

Today’s I Ching is 48 – The Well


The Well follows Exhaustion in the continuous cycle of life experiences.


Spirit explains:  The water level in a well is as the water level in the

Surrounding land. They rise and fall together, according to laws of

Nature, which are Universal Laws.


Exhaustion suggests depletion; a need for recovery of energy, or

Whatever.  Neither water level nor exhaustion is a necessarily

Permanent condition.


The message?


You didn’t ask if the message was a personal one.


It usually is, even when it isn’t.







Spirit explains I Ching 48 – The Well

The Well follows Exhaustion.


Spirit explains:


 Exhaustion refers to a depletion of more-or less non-renewable

Sources of life-sustaining energy.


The Well offers renewal and sustenance. Without water

There can be no life as experienced in plant, animal, or

Human form.


Is the message about awareness?


Awareness of what?


Of our dependence on water to live.




Then what?


Water belongs to and is part of how.

It doesn’t answer or explain why.




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