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We can pretend not to see.

Today’s I Ching – 36 – Damage to Illumination.

Spirit explains the Universal Law of Change, which, He claims,
Is connected to but separate from other Universal Laws such as

We have no power to prevent change for we are part of all that
Is changing. We co-create, with all life, not what changes but
How it and we change.

Damage to Illumination expresses this Universal reality. We can
Pretend not to see or accept even what we cannot honestly deny.

Why would we pretend?

Perhaps for fear of being required to accept responsibility for
An undeniable truth.

Such as?

That we each are part of what is and we play a role in How it
Will develop. Did we Advance (35) too quickly, or too slowly,
To see how it would affect our Family (37)?

How can we ever know?




Spirit’s I Ching 49 – Revolution

Spirit explains:


Revolution follows the Well, and there is a purpose in this order..

Revolutions create change that  might not otherwise happen.


Left unattended or neglected, well water can become

Stagnant and unhealthy to drink. When this happens,

The stagnant water must be removed and replenished

With fresh, life-sustaining water.


However, caution must be taken not to damage the structure of

The well, itself, while removing the polluted water.


It sounds political.


It is political.




Life is political. It has a purpose.




Spirit’s I Ching – 37 – People in the Home

People in the Home follows Damage to Illumination.


Spirit explains:


People in the home refers to family, whether related or chosen.

Damage to illumination is caused by something or someone

Blocking or restricting a source of light.


Is the message one of doom?


Not necessarily.


Okay, what is it, please?


You seem willing, if not eager to hear what you may already know.

You must, sooner or later choose, as we each must, between

Those who are close to you in one way, and those who are

With you on your path to greater illumination.

What is your choice?


As it has always been, I seem to need both.




I Ching 36 – Damage to Illumination

Today’s I Ching – Damage to Illumination.


Spirit explains:


Dust on a mirror reduces or damages the mirror’s ability

To clearly reflect light and our image within the mirror.


Physical reality and the world of matter can seem to be

As dust on a mirror, creating a dream-like atmosphere

That we mistakenly believe is reality.


However, with intention and practice we become

Increasingly enlightened and ever-more aware of

The path, our path, and where it is leading us.

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