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Higher Values Create Their Own Expression

Spirit explains I Ching 22 – Adornment

Mountain above and Fire below.

Society is as a fire that brings people
together; first, for survival and then
for other mutually beneficial purposes,
beyond, but never excluding survival.

Culture is as a volcanic mountain
that can only develop, as an adornment,
around a more-or-less stable society.

Culture cannot develop without
generally accepted social rules of relating
to different people in different ways.

A teacher is not a cook or a bus driver.

That’s curious that you would choose
a cook and a bus driver
to distinguish yourself
as other than.


A cook prepares food for eating and
a bus driver takes one to his or her
chosen destination.


But, you do neither.

That is correct.

You seem to neither prepare food
nor offer transportation. Perhaps
the spiritual teachings you share,
after I struggle to digest them
and walk the path they point to,
are as adornments of sacred wisdom.


But, I might understand what you say
in a way that differs from others.

Relate what I share with
your lived experience.

But, different people have
different lived experiences.

Yes and no.

How so?

Our individual lived experiences
are as adornments on the form
within which our shared intelligence
feels and thinks.

Then there is a finite variety
of emotions and thoughts
that we each share?

Yes, but there is an infinite variety
of quality of thought and emotion.

Where does spiritual development
come into all this.

All this?

Our shared thoughts and emotions
of infinite qualities.

Spirituality is in the personal
development of higher qualities
of thought and emotion.

What about action?

What about it?

How do we express higher qualities
of thought and emotion?

How do we choose the form or focus
of our expression of higher values?


Higher thoughts are values.

Then, how do we choose to express them.

They choose their own expression.

As do lower levels of thought and emotion?


The Receptive is never passive

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

Hexagram 2 – The Receptive

Nothing can be created without expending energy.
Receptivity to whatever expanding energy is always
a necessary step in the creation of anything.
That is the Law of the Yin and Yang Tao.

Our current culture seems to believe that
receptivity is passive. It never is.

How can yin, or receptivity, be other than

We choose what we accept or yield to,
in thought or whatever. We each yield
in varying degrees to different aspects of
ideas, actions, or emotions that the world
around us, if it could, pressure us to

We each help to shape or determine outcome.
Everyone is Yin and everyone is Yang in
different situations. In any situation
we are both contributing and receiving
information and influence.

We do not live in a vacuum of energy.
We each, in some way, share responsibility
for the world we live in by the way we
each choose to live.

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