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The path seeks the seeker

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

51 – Thunder

Two masses of cool air move swiftly toward each other,
after lightning flashes through the sky. Neither mass
of air intends harm to the other. Each is simply
serving a Law of Nature. Gaps must be filled.
Equilibrium must be restored.

How does that observation …

It is more than an observation. It is a Law of Nature.

Then, how does this law apply to following a path or
seeking a path to enlightenment?

The path also seeks the seeker. They come together.
This is a Law of Life.

To whom does the message apply?

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

27 – Nourishment follows Accumulation.

Even squirrels seem to know they must store something now for later.

We build for today but also for tomorrow, if we seek to provide for
our future, even knowing that we may not live to enjoy it.

Saving something for tomorrow is generally accepted wisdom, but
there are those who have little or nothing to save and
barely enough to survive today. What about them?

Did they draw the card?

No, I did.

Then, to whom does the message apply.

To me.

And what is the message that applies to you?

To be more thrifty than I now am?


Note: A curiously appropriate message for me, today, for
today I receive my monthly allowance and I confess that
I am not the most frugal woman in town.

Attraction pulls as a pendulum?

Spirit’s I Ching wisdom for today: I Ching 42 – Increase.

Increase develops out of reduction. The pendulum reaches its extreme in either direction of expansion and then turns, as a railway or bus line between two limits of its route.

Whenever we reduce our position relative to whatever, we, at the same time, increase it to another. The Law of Attraction works according to this principle.

How did the Law of Attraction …

How does the Law of Attraction enter into the concept of increase?


Whatever we attract moves our relationship from the opposite position.

What if we attract each other?

Then we have moved away from a position of being less attracted to each other.

There is a personal message, or question.


Contention is denial of reality

Spirit’s I Ching Wisdom

6 – Contention

Contention requires differences of opinion.

Since everyone experiences Life from a unique perspective, differences in what and how anyone views whatever situation must necessarily be different or at least seem to be so.

That would explain …

It does explain …

But, explanation alone does not resolve the problem of different perspectives.

There is no essential problem with differences of perspective. It is as it is.

Then how to explain and resolve contention?

Contention is refusal to accept, or denial of the reality that any particular perspective can ever only be one of countless possible perspectives.

Blessings may not last

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

14 – Great Possession

Great Possession develops out of Community and leads to Humility, if we accept the blessing that associating with others is, when we are fortunate and wise enough to develop close ties with people who share our way of life.

What is our way? Is it a shared world view? Or a specific goal? Or what? And, how can we ever know who is really with us, and why?

So many questions.

They seemed to appear in my mind, one after another, in a continuous stream.

Without pause?

Without pause.

Then, how can they be answered separately?

Perhaps their answers would all be as one.

As companions and community?

I guess.

Then enjoy and be thankful to Life for whatever blessings come, while they last, and accept that whatever comes may go, for whatever reason.

Cause and Effect are Interactive

Spirit’s I Ching Way

50 – The Cauldron

Fire over Wind. Yin and Yin interacting. Each is receptive to the other, at least in this situation.

The energies of fire and wind, in their extreme forms, can create destruction on their own. Together, they could bring disaster. Mental energies are no different than those of nature, in this respect.
But, a gentle fire and a controlled movement of air can create welcomed warmth, boil water, or heat food.

A cauldron was a large kettle hung over a fire before it was replaced with modern appliances and more controllable sources of heat.
However, the timeless realities exist even in a so-called modern world. The transfer of energy still requires movement and interaction between cause and effect.

What are you saying to me?

Who is what?

Perhaps there is a two-way interaction.


Spirit’s I Ching way – 59 Dispersal

Wind over Water
Dispersal develops out of Pleasing and dissolves with Discipline.

Dispersal results in both disconnecting from the past and connecting to the future, without necessarily understanding either, or the destiny that moves within us, as the wind moves around us.

How can there be any stability and a feeling of being here and now in such a view of reality?

It isn’t a view of reality. It is as it is.

But, I need to hold on to my past while reaching for my future.

My as in individual?

Yes, and even if it proves to be an illusion, I need it, now.


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