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I Ching Wisdom – Respect the visions from the timeless past

Spirit explains I Ching 52 – Mountain.

Mountain follows Thunder and will be followed by Gradual Progress.

As the seasons of our life each follow the one that came
Before it, so it is with each generation of Seekers of
The Way. We cannot be, see, or do as any other previous one.

The seasons, the years, and the generations each owe to
The past their very existence, and yet, there is continuity
Without sameness.

We each see and understand as no-one else, if we dare to see
From where we alone are, while respecting the visions of the
Elders, mentors, and teachers from the timeless past.

Wow! And the message for me?


I Ching Wisdom – Life moves in cycles.

Spirit teaches I Ching wisdom.
Today’s I Ching is 49, Revolution.
Revolution (49), follows The Well (48), and leads to
The Cauldron (50).

Spirit explains: Revolutions seek to change the structure of
Society through violence; to destroy what is with intent to build something better.

Perhaps peaceful protests and elections didn’t seem to work?
A dry well could express futility.

A cauldron is a heavy pot that is hung over fire to heat food
Or water. But, the fire must be attended to with care or the
Contents of the pot become unfit to eat.

And revolutions risk the same fate?


If this reading contains a personal message for me and my
Struggles, then what alternative is available?

Resistance without rejection.

That could be unending.


And, if that is unacceptable?

To whom?

To me, and perhaps many others.

Develop an alternative way and live it.

Are we going in circles?

No. Life moves in cycles.

We play by rules we choose

Spirit Teaches I Ching Wisdom

Toda’s I Ching is 7 – The Army

Spirit explains: As today follows yesterday into the past,
So The Army follows Contention (6); and, as today reaches
Toward tomorrow, so does The Army reach toward Closeness (8).

I can understand The Army and Contention acting on each other, but what relationship can The Army have with Closeness?

When reason alone fails to solve contention then power is a
Necessary organizing force. It serves a good purpose if it
Can bring together contentious groups. Then it contributes
To a sense of Closeness.

Okay, I can accept that, but how does it relate to me?

Who is contentious?

Perhaps I am, at times.

Who is The Army?

I don’t know.

Is the army as a referee in this instance?

That’s possible, but not all referees play by the same Rules.

What rules do I play by?

Perhaps rules of your own choosing.

Yes, and so do you.

Awareness of Reality is Progress

Spirit reads I Ching 53 – Gradual Progress.

Gradual Progress develops from Mountain (52) and moves
Toward Marrying (54).

Spirit explains: Mountains can seem to be as barriers,
Challenges, or just part of the environment. They can be as
Beauty, in the eye of the beholder, and a pleasure to climb,
Or seen as an obstruction, to ignore, if possible.

How we see anything or anyone determines, or at east
Influences, to some extent, our relationship with or with them.

Awareness of this reality is progress along the way of

Where does Marrying fit into this picture?

We commit ourselves to Life, or we do not. It’s as
Simple as that.

If that is simple.


Immaturity waits for Contention

Today’s I Ching reading, for me, by Spirit. And, don’t ask me
What I did to deserve it. I don’t know.

Spirit explains: I Ching 5 – Waiting, develops from Immaturity and leads to Contention. Waiting suggests
Expectation of a future.

A future what?

Is the future a what?

Can we pretend that I didn’t ask?

It’s too late for that option.


Life moves forward and expands. It neither stops nor
undoes what has been done.

Then what or whom are we waiting for?

We are waiting for immaturity to meet contention and,
In the process, mature.

My immaturity?


Trust in a Guiding Light

Today’s I Ching hexagram 40 – Solution develops out of
Halting (39), and leads to Reduction (41).

Spirit explains: Unless we stop and think about what we are
Doing, we risk mindless activity. We wander from the path,
Our path.

We need to reconnect, recommit, and redirect our focus and


Awareness of our goal and trust in a guiding light.

A metaphor for?


Endings change into beginnings

Spirit explains I Ching 64 – Unsettled.

Fire over water represents an unsettled situation, bot in
Nature and in human relationships. This unstable condition
is represented in the Hexagrams with active and forceful,
Fire being a yin trigram, while emotional Water being a
Yang trigram.

How is it possible for Water to be yang and Fire to be yin?

All forms of life contain a blend of the same energies
Contained in all other life forms, to a greater or lesser
Degree. Yang represents creative and forceful, if necessary,
Energy, while Yin represents receptive and nurturing energy, but also contains assertive power.

Neither Yang nor Yin is subservient to the other. They
constantly interact to develop a harmonious relationship
Without either denying their own or the other’s individuality. Sometimes they necessarily seem to oppose
Each other and, at other times they blend harmoniously as
One, or as close to oneness as they each feel comfortable

So, even though Fire and Water could cancel each other out,
They are aware that doing so would be self-destructive?

Yes. This awareness is a very appropriate setting for
Unsettled, the 64th and ending Hexagram. It sets the stage
For the interactive cycle of life to begin again, without
Every having ended, with Hexagram 1 – The Creative.

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