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Acceptance of an imperfect world

Today’s I Ching – 50 – The Cauldron

Fire over Wind. The Cauldron follows Revolution.

Spirit explains: Revolutions are never an end of problems.
War does not cause peace.

But, the most violent…?

If they lose…

So, what is the answer?

Life goes on.

But, surely that is not enough.

What more do you want?

A good life.

What is a good life?

Where people help each other.

People have always helped each other.

But, not everyone. So, what is the answer?

Life goes on.

What inspirational message can come from such a picture of life?

A personal one.


Acceptance of an imperfect world.

Unconditional love expresses care

A Spirit Teacher explains I Ching 9 – Small Development.

Small Development follows Closeness in the order of life experiences represented by the sixty-four hexagrams. The
exact number of personal life experiences necessarily varies
from individual to individual, but the reality that each
experience develops out of a previous one, does not.

Closeness expresses a sense of community with people, places,
or things; a feeling of attachment, connectedness, and

Small Development suggests gradual and steady progress. Each
stage or step in our development of integrity, skill,
knowledge, or awareness builds on the step or stage we have
moved forward from.

Closeness, as an awareness of oneness with others, reminds
us that we are not alone. Both seen and unseen energies
share our progress and care for us with unconditional love.

Today could not exist without yesterday

I Ching 18 – Degeneration, follows Following in the order of life
Experiences represented by the hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Degeneration suggests loss of quality or value,
Whether due to neglect, obsolescence, change in fashion, or
Whatever. Society seems almost eager to discard what is not
Shiny and new.

Following expresses faithfulness to traditional lifestyles. This
Preservation of past traditions can create difficulties in
Adjusting to change.

How do we blend progress and tradition? Or, must we choose?

There can be no future without a past. When a branch becomes
Disconnected from its tree then it must be rooted or grafted
Onto another tree that has its roots firmly planted in the

To completely disconnect from our past, if it was possible,
Would endanger our future. The past is the foundation of the
Present and the present is the foundation of the future.
Today could not exist without yesterday. It’s as simple as That.

Be grateful for blessings received

A Spirit teacher explains I Ching 26 – Great Accumulation.

Mountain over Heaven. Great Accumulation follows No Error.

This hexagram expresses a mountain of blessings received,
not unconditionally, but as a result of steady effort to build on a firm foundation, as suggested by No Error.

Nothing happens of itself. All situations, event, actions, thoughts or emotions develop out of earlier effects, which then caused, or contributed to the present and will extend their influence into the future.

No Error refers to a conscious effort to return to following a plan, a trusted way to success.

Is there a personal message? If so, please explain.

You have learned much by listening to me. Yes?


There is always danger to humility not to be aware that there is much more to learn.

And to be grateful for blessings received?


Minor characters in a Universal story

A Spirit Teacher explains I Ching 28 – Great Surpassing.

Surpassing follows Nourishment for the simple reason that nourishment is necessary to sustain physical life, whereas Spirit is Self-sustaining.

Nourishment includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual necessities of well-being. This provides us with a foundation to develop beyond mere survival.

We each have a destiny that will greatly surpass anything we can imagine. The good news is that we have eternity to complete our mission. Physical lifetimes come and go, but we go on forever.

In the meantime?

We are each only a minor actor in a universal play, but, even so, we each have a role that only we can perform, once we learn what it is.

Then, to do all that we can is enough, for now. Others will come, or they will not. In any event the play goes on. It’s as simple as that.

Obedience is not co-operation

A spirit wisdom teacher explains I Ching 12 – Obstruction.

Obstruction follows Tranquility, or might, if might rules.

The construction of the hexagrams for Obstruction and tranquility
Both presents both yang and yin energies as concentrated and opposed.

Tranquility expresses followers as being seemingly held in high
Status. But, the power remains concentrated in the leadership.
Obstruction is a more-or-less reversed order. Leadership is on top
But only by suppression, which invites resistance.

Obedience is not co-operation. There is no sense of trust, and
Each side feels alienated from the other. There must be a
Blending of energies for each to feel part of the solution.

Is this a political situation or one of relationship?

Yes, and an attitude one.

Why attitude?

Attitudes direct how we perceive whatever situation and how
We perceive directs our action, or reluctance to act.

Could the situation apply to teacher and student …


Then what is the solution?

Can we find common ground?


Yes, and some is a beginning.

My Spirit Teachers explains I Ching 36 – Reduced Light

Reduced Light follows Advance in the order of the hexagrams.
Fire over Earth follows Earth over Fire.
The Sun appears to be above the Earth by day, and
Below the Earth by night.

A wisdom traditions tells us that to everything there is
A time and a season.

How does the reading apply to me?

Be patient.

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